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Flying Scholarships

12 hours of Powered Flight training towards the award of an NPPL. The intention of this award is to enable a person to go solo and enjoy the responsibility and achievement of solo flight. Scholars are encouraged to undertake their training as a residential course over the course of week to ensure consistency in their learning and to allow training as a small group with other scholars so that ideas and a fun, open learning environment can develop.

Annually we award in the order of 50 Flying Scholarships depending on funds available.

Training is undertaken at one of our three training providers:

  1. South Warwickshire Flying School
  2. Booker Aviation
  3. Tayside Aviation

Flying Bursaries:

The flying bursary progamme offers 3-5 hours of advanced flying training to PPL holders. The bursaries again are funded by industry and by private individuals. Applicants have to be permanently resident in the UK and either be or become members of The Air League. Application forms are available in December with a closing date of the end of February for receipt of completed applications. There are no age limits but most bursaries go to applicants under 40.