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Gliding Scholarships

Gliding scholarships offer the opportunity for solo glider pilots or Air Cadets who have reached Gold Wings standard to broaden their flying experience. Depending on experience, the following awards are available at civilian gliding schools:

Aerobatic Training

Instruction in basic aerobatic manoeuvres. The intention of this award is to enhance a scholars handling skills and provide an insight into the skills and flying discipline of competition aerobatics. If you want to improve your skills and have a lot of fun doing it, apply for an aerobatic scholarship.

Cross-Country Training

British Glider pilots continue to lead the world in glider racing. This award allows an insight into the complex, exciting world of racing sailplanes cross country. This scholarship is tailored to the individual’s personal ability.

Tuition takes the form of 2-seater flying around a cross country looking at the techniques and skills involved in racing sailplanes. This is consolidated with further two seater or single seater flying depending on your ability to ensure you progress to as high a level as possible. This scholarship typically takes a week to complete.

SLMG NPPL Training

Gliding is a fantastic and affordable way to start a career in aviation. The handling skills gained as a glider pilot being second to none. As well as providing an insight to the world of silent flight, this award allows the opportunity to combine non-powered and powered flight. Training in a self launching motor glider (SLMG) you will learn how to operate a powered aircraft whilst understanding how to optimise the weather as a glider pilot. Flown from one of four sites in the UK, the course comprises of up to 32 hours flying (depending on previous experience). Typically awards of 12hrs or 6 hrs are made to allow existing glider pilots to work towards conversion from a gliding licence to a SLMG NPPL.

Applicants must be young people permanently resident in the UK aged at least 16 but under 26 years on 1 April in the year of application. They also have to join The Air League. Application forms are available from December with a closing date of the end of February for the receipt of completed applications.

Other Opportunities

There are many opportunities and the majority of gliding clubs in the UK offer cadet schemes. These schemes offer lower flying rates and sometime FREE flying in return for assisting with daily club operations. Contact your nearest gliding club for details

If you are an Air Cadet additional funding is also available to you via the Post GS initiative. See www.juniorgliding.co.uk for details.

Gliding to Solo Scholarships

Students from across the country who are over 16 yrs old and who meet the schools expectations are being offered a unique opportunity of a gliding taster day followed by a Gliding to Solo Scholarship.

As well as inspiring and educating the experience is designed to show the individual that aviation could be a realistic career option. Through team working, individual and team responsibilities as well as development of their interpersonal skill set, they realize they can achieve anything.

Twenty students from each of the following colleges attended a trial lesson day and had the opportunity to apply for a “Gliding to Solo Scholarship” (GSS):

  • Haggerston School, Hackney
  • The City Academy, Hackney
  • London Academy of Excellence, Stratford
  • ExcelsiorAcademy, Newcastle
  • Peny Dre School, Merthyr Tydfil
  • Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich
  • Loch Gelly School, Fife

A minimum of 3 GSS were awarded to students from each college! The GSS consists of a 1 or 2 week course at the respective gliding club. Supported by British Airways, Boeing and Linklaters this scheme has reached out to students across the UK who had never considered an aviation career. The following clips show how the scheme engaged with students.