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The Gliding to Solo Scholarship Scheme is a unique opportunity for students from across the country who are over 16 yrs old and who meet the expectations of the participating schools. There are a specific set of schools involved in this scheme. Please apply HERE if you are from one of these colleges. 

As well as inspiring and educating, the experience is designed to show the individual that aviation could be a realistic career option.

If you are one of students from the colleges or groups listed below then you have the opportunity to apply for a “Gliding to Solo Scholarship” (GSS) through the link at the top of this page. Please only apply if you are able to make the course date for your respective college as these are fixed dates for the course.

  • Skinners Academy, Hackney 24th – 28th July & 31st July – 4th August
  • Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich 24th – 28th July & 31st July – 4th August
  • All Saints, Dagenham, 24th – 28th July & 31st July – 4th August
  • Cardiff Sixth Form 7th – 17th August
  • Pailsey Grammar School   7th – 17th August
  • Harefield Academy, 7th – 17th August
  • The Green School, 7th – 17th August
  • Walbottle College, Flexible Dates
  • Heaton Manor, Flexible Dates

The GSS consists of a 2 week course at the respective gliding club.

The full Terms and Conditions of the award are available HERE.

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