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The Air League is deeply committed to ensuring the UK’s future success in Aviation and Aerospace.

The Air League is a sector leading aviation and aerospace charity focused on changing lives through aviation. Its core purpose is to inspire young people from all backgrounds into the aviation and aerospace industries to champion the future of the British Aviation and Aerospace sectors.

Each year many hundreds of people from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit from Air League support to help them start a career, builds self-esteem and well-being, make them feel valued and realise what they can achieve.

We break down the perceived barriers to the aviation industry and through our scholarships and outreach programmes create a life-long impact on beneficiaries, many of which stay involved throughout their careers.

The Air League’s work brings strategic benefit to the UK economy. The UK remains a globally significant player in aviation and aerospace, and occupies world leading positions in design, development and manufacture of a wide range of technologies. However, the UK faces global competition for not only procurement contracts, investment in science and technology but for aviators and engineers as well.

Inspiring and enabling the next generation of aviation and aerospace leaders, pioneers and professionals across the full spectrum of disciplines is vital to the future economic success of the UK. The Air League’s work engaging and inspiring young people is therefore vital for the aviation and aerospace sector in the UK by providing the next generation of leaders, pioneers and professionals.

Our Vision

Changing Lives Through Aviation

Our Mission


Inspiring Young People by Awarding Scholarships and Work Opportunities Through Aviation

Our Values

The Air League’s core values underpin the broad endeavour of the charity, how we support our beneficiaries and how we work together with our partners to deliver enduring benefits to the UK. Our values spell out who we are.

Integrity, authority, honesty and resolve.
Innovation, diligence, focus, recognition and reward.
Drive, determination, results.
Skills, development, Advocacy, industrial capacity, investment.
Unity of Purpose
Cohesion, dialogue, collaboration, campaigns.
Inclusion, diversity, equality, education & training, national reach, sustainability.
What We Stand For
The growth of the UK economy, skills and industrial capabilities, in air transport, air power, space and military aviation through maintaining dialogue between a multitude of stakeholders.
Inspiring the next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals across the full spectrum of disciplines.
Making careers in aviation and aerospace attainable to all through working together.
Lead on sustainable aviation growth and policies based upon informed debate, which ensure the UK’s competitive advantage is not diminished.
Enhance awareness of UK air power via dialogue focused on tri-service requirements, the industrial base, R&D, inward investment and procurement.

Help change young lives through aviation