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Welcome to the Air League’s Aviation Education, Resources and Opportunities (AERO) Portal where we will be sharing online learning materials and other helpful and fun resources with you. New content will launch weekly covering a multitude of topics such as skills development, employability and inspirational talks from Leaders, Pioneers and Professionals from our industries.

Skills Development

We’ve teamed with British Airways and put together a collection of small and easily digestible videos and activities to help you develop your skills. Visit the Inspire Academy website to find out more.

British Airways has also compiled a learning portal called Speedbird Z. It contains resources to help you get started on your career journey into aviation and beyond. The resources are free – all you need to do is sign up.

Since 1920, Marshall of Cambridge have invested in apprenticeships for people from around the UK. To help Marshall celebrate it’s centennary as an apprenticeship provider, the Air League is holding a Leaders, Pioneers and Professionals Q&A with it’s Group Chief Engineer of the Marshall Aerospace and Defence group, Mark Johnston. Mark began his career as an apprentice and will be joining us for a Q&A on the 23rd of June 2020 on Facebook Live. We will be discussing apprenticeships and other career opportunities and also the latest developments in Aerospace and Defence with him. To read the full post, click here.

The Marshall Centre is also offering free Project Management training through their website and are keen to share this with Air League members and supporters. Project Management skills are useful at any age and across a variety of different settings. They provide a structured framework to which to work to – you can save a lot of time and effort by implementing these basics in any line of work or education. Best Practice in project management isn’t just for project managers, it helps everyone be more effecient.

This course specifically focuses on planning, stakeholder management, schedule management and risk management principles and is a great starting point for anyone wishing to gain further skills or a refresher.


Pilot Recruitment and Development

Less aircraft are flying over the skies of the UK currently, which means that as a result, many job losses could occur especially effecting pilots and other operational members of staff. There are several things you can do to maintain and enhance your CV, and skill set. Find out Jet Pathway’s perspective on what you can do now.

Flight Pad

The Flight Pad simulator facility is located at the University of West London (UWL) and provides affordable simulator experiences both for UWL students but also members of the public. These experiences are delivered by a cohort of professional pilots from the commercial world who want to share their experience and knowledge with future pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Due the current disruption and the facility being shut, the Flight Pad team have been busy working on offering advice and guidance through free online resources aimed at both aspiring as well as professional pilots. The content ranges from employability skills and flying training advice to skills and competency development and technical case studies. To sign up to the newsletters and content brought to you by the Flight Pad team, visit the link below.

Getting Ready for Work

As part of our Soaring to Success Initiative, we delivered the following presentation to 550 Year 9 students in Barnsley. The presentation centres around what you can do to get ready for the world of work and the importance of interpersonal skills alongside academic achievements.

Exploring Aviation and Aerospace

Boeing has produced a website called Boeing Future U which provides future focussed educational resources that explore different topics such as sustainability and space travel. There are virtual field trips for the younger students as well as other resources aimed at everyone. So if you want to find out more about Boeing’s work getting us to Space, Mars, infinity and beyond, the site is well worth a visit. Below is a video exploring Boeing’s Starliner programme.

City in the Sky

Back in 2016, the BBC and Open University produced a series called ‘City in the Sky’. Although a few years old, it’s well worth a re-visit as there are some interesting episodes to explore including lightening strikes, aircraft graveyards and falling ill on aircraft. Ever been asked to explained how planes fly? The link below contains a relatively simple and well-illustrated version that doesn’t involve magic or fairy dust. Check it out here.

The Leading Edge – Research and Innovation

Too often, great pieces of research conducted by students go unnoticed and unread. We at the Air League want to change that and give our members a platform to share their dissertations, theses or research projects with others. If you have been working on a project that you are proud of and you think it could benefit to others, please get in touch with us – [email protected] Please note, the projects published are not peer reviewed and our views do not necessarily mirror those of the author. We will not publish any content that may cause offence to others. If you decide to use any of the findings in your own work, please make sure to reference the source appropriately.

The first project we would like to draw your attention to has been conducted by Jordan Penning. His dissertation is on CAA’s Colour Vision regulation.

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