Over the past decade, Scholarships worth over £2 million have been allocated to young people across the UK. We look for individuals that have a passion for aviation and aerospace and the determination to succeed.

2021 will see again changes to our scholarships and bursaries for which we will endeavour to deliver the maximum impact to our beneficiaries. New opportunities are already being introduced that will enhance the career pathways of future pilots, aspiring engineers and many other professional aviation disciplines. 

The Air League offers the broadest range of scholarships and bursaries in the UK, with over 100 opportunities being awarded annually.

If you are considering a career in aviation and aerospace, the Air League can offer you unrivalled support and help. Please visit our individual scholarship pages to find out more.

If you are a company, individual, trust or organisation looking to change a life through aviation, please get in touch at [email protected]


Scholarship FAQs

How old do you have to be to apply for the scholarships?

Some of our programmes and scholarships are intended for 14-18 year olds, others have no age limit! Each scholarship, bursary and programme has slightly different criteria as we try help a range of people at different stages of their careers.

For instance, for the 12-hour flying scholarship, you must be a minimum of 17 when applying and turn 18 by the 1st April 2021. We accept applications from anyone up to the age of 35.

Other scholarships, bursaries and programmes have different age requirements so please check the T&Cs at the beginning of each application before applying.

When will the scholarships be open for applications?

We will aim to launch the 12-hour flying scholarships in March, with other scholarships to follow from April onwards.

We do also offer scholarships at other times of the year so please follow us on social media and check our website for regular updates.

How can I take part in introduction to aviation events which include taster flights?

We will announce when applications for these opportunities are open on social media and via our website. You may also wish to follow our partner organisations such as British Airways for further opportunities and updates.

With some of our programmes, we work directly with schools which means that applications will not be open to a wider audience.

I already have a PPL. Can I apply for the 12-hour scholarship?

No. The 12-hour scholarships are intended for those yet to achieve a PPL.

Should you require support post-PPL, you may wish to consider applying for our Flying Bursary Scheme. The bursary funding can be used for a range of purposes including hours building, instrument ratings etc.

What do you look for in scholarship winners?

We treat each person on individual merit as well as paying attention to certain criteria such as:

  • Motivation/ dedication/ passion towards a career in aviation

  • Continued interest in aviation and aerospace

  • Ability to articulate and prove how the scholarship will help you with your future career

  • Willingness to give back to others and volunteer / fundraise for the Air League

  • Behavioural criteria e.g. pilot competencies (for flying scholarships).

This is not an exhaustive list and criteria we measure you against will be different depending on the programme.

Do you have to be British to apply?

No. But you do have to be a resident in the UK or be studying here permanently.

How should I approach my scholarship application form?

Please answer all questions fully and spend some time thinking about your responses especially to the essay questions and ensure you provide us with sufficient information in order for us to understand how the scholarship would benefit you personally.

Also ensure you have read all the Terms and Conditions and that you meet the criteria set for the scholarship. If you do not meet the specific criteria, we are unable to progress with your application.

How do you choose the scholarship and bursary winners?

For each scholarship, bursary and programme, you will be asked to complete an application form as well as submit your CV.

We will shortlist the most suitable applications for an interview. This may either be face-to-face, on Skype/ telephone or take the form of a video CV or interview. The specific process for each scholarship will be communicated as part of the application process.

Final decision about who to award scholarships and bursaries to will be made by a panel of experts across the Air League and in some cases, by the organisations sponsoring the scholarship.

Outside of the scholarship, do you fund flying training on a case-by-case basis?

We support individuals through our scholarships and bursaries. We are unfortunately unable to provide further ad hoc assistance towards flying training outside of these programmes.

What qualifications do I need to have?

Each scheme is different and for many, no qualifications are required. For some of our flying scholarships which are intended for those individuals aspiring to become pilots, the academic requirements are line with industry minimum requirements.

What’s new in 2021?

2021 represents some significant challenges for the industry and the Air League is structuring its programmes to take into account a phased return to normal. Please keep in touch with us in the coming months as we launch our programmes to help your career take off with:

  • Beginners Flying opportunities

  • Gliding courses

  • The Inspired Engineering Programme

  • Placements with our supporter companies

  • Flying taster days and industry events

All this is free to Air League members albeit you will have to undergo a selection process for the events.

Are you able to provide feedback on my application?

Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to provide individual feedback on application forms. We will however send out some generic guidance to you around how you can improve your application for next time.

Everyone who has been progressed to an interview, will be provided with some form of written feedback or a telephone conversation with the assessors.

Do you need any flying experience to apply for the scholarships?

No. Some of our scholarships and projects are intended for those with very little or no flying experience. We will make this clear in the application forms and individual webpages for the scholarship.

For the 12-hour flying scholarship, we would expect you to have done some flying or gliding or be able to demonstrate a continued interest in flying and aviation. The 12-hour scholarships can be used at any part of your flying journey and the flying instructors and schools we use will be able to pick up your flying training from whichever point you are at.

Do you have to be an Air League member to apply for scholarships?

Yes. If you have not yet joined, please do so here www.airleague.co.uk/memberships. If you have recently joined and do not yet have an AL membership number, you can still apply (just let us know your date of joining and we will be able to double check this via our records).

If your University or Air Squadron has joined the Air League as a partner, you may submit an application without being a member. If awarded the scholarship, you may be asked to join at this point.

For some of our introduction to aviation programmes such as Your Flying Futures that we run together with BA, you do not have to be an Air League member.



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