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Gliding to Solo Scheme (GSS)

This is a unique opportunity for students from across the country to take part in a residential gliding scholarship which will see them go from novice to solo in just 2 weeks. To be eligible for the scheme, you will need to be at least 16 years old and meet the criteria set out by participating schools.

Boeing GSSS – Class of 2018 at the London Gliding Club.

As well as inspiring and educating, the experience is designed to show the individual that aviation could be a realistic career option.
The GSS scheme gives students the opportunity to kick start their flying career or simply give them exposure to the world of aviation through the medium of gliding. The scholarship involves several steps, all designed to give students an insight to flying, the recruitment processes used by airlines and ultimately the chance to pilot a glider solo.
Gliding to Solo - New Opportunities and Experiences
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