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Soaring To Success!

The Air League launched a brand new initiative with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in 2019 – Soaring to Success.

We offered students from the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Area the opportunity to learn more about the aviation and aerospace industries as well as giving them an opportunity to go gliding and flying.

The programme was done in Stages:

  • Interactive Workshops for up to 1300 students
  • Gliding Taster Days for 200 students
  • Immersive gliding courses for a selected number of students
  • Powered flying opportunities

The programme was a huge success and opened the minds and aspirations of the young people to careers in aerospace and aviation as well as hopefully trying out something completely new and different.

Huge thank you to our corporate supporters and sponsors – Rolls Royce, DHL Air, BA, Boeing, and AMRC for assisting us in 2019 with the delivery of workshops at Barnsley. Your input was truly inspirational.

We would also like to thank Yorkshire Gliding Club, Wolds Gliding Club, York Gliding Centre and Sheffield Aero Club for hosting the students and helping deliver all of our gliding and flying activities.

Back in 2020!

We are expanding the Soaring to Success Programme in 2020 to other locations and also returning to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to introduce even more young people to careers in aviation and aerospace and take them gliding with us. Further locations to be announced shortly.

If you are an organisation wishing to sponsor, support or host a Soaring to Success activity, please get in touch .

Thank you for your support!