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In 2019 the Air League launched a brand new programme – Soaring to Success. The pilot project took place in South Yorkshire in association with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. In 2020, the Air League has been fortunate enough to receive backing for the programme from the Department for Transport. This funding will enable us to continue our work across the UK with various partners.

Our second Soaring to Success Programme has launched in South Essex in August 2020. We will be running a series of workshops and activities as well as offering places to young people in South Essex to go gliding with us.


Soaring to Success™ @South Essex


To expand the reach of Soaring to Success, we are working together with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council as well as other partners across the South Essex region on a second Soaring to Success initiative in 2020-21. This initiative is targeted at young people aged 14-18 years in Southend, Thurrock, Rochford and other participating areas in South Essex. Some of the resources and opportunities provided may be suitable for primary aged children as well as young adults who are over 18! This is an inclusive project and we want to invite everyone in the area to participate in one way or the other if you have an interest to find out more about aviation and aerospae.

We are providing young people within this region the opportunity to take part in workshops, gliding and scholarships through our 3-stage Soaring to Success approach. The key dates for the activities are:

  • 18-20th August 2020. Gliding Experience Day for 30 individuals at Cambridge Gliding Centre. Selection of candidates has been co-ordinated by SAVS.
  • 30th September 2020 (Time TBC) – Online introduction to the Air League and to Soaring to Success.
  • November 2020- Soaring to Success Virtual Workshops. A mixture of pre-recorded and live sessions will be made available to participating schools.
  • 3rd February 2021- Soaring to Success Workshops Part 2. Format of the event to be confirmed. Where possible, the event will be run as a live event.
  • Feb-March 2021 – Application window open for Gliding opportunity in April 2021. We will be running an exciting competition for individuals and groups to take part in – those with the best entries will be selected to go gliding with us.
  • April -May 2021 (Dates TBC). Gliding Taster Days.
  • Opportunity to take part in scholarship programme in the summer of 2021.


If you are a young person in South Essex or you know someone who would benefit from being part of our Soaring to Success programme, why not register your interest and get involved.  To do so, just fill in this form.


Soaring to Success™ @Barnsley

The programme was delivered in stages:

  1. Interactive Workshops for up to 1300 students
  2. Gliding Taster Days for 200 students
  3. Immersive gliding courses for a selected number of students
  4. Powered flying opportunities

The programme was a huge success and opened the minds and aspirations of the young people to careers in aerospace and aviation as well as hopefully trying out something completely new and different.

Huge thank you to our corporate supporters and sponsors – Rolls Royce, DHL Air, BA, Boeing, and AMRC for assisting us in 2019 with the delivery of workshops at Barnsley. Your input was truly inspirational.

We would also like to thank Yorkshire Gliding Club, Wolds Gliding Club, York Gliding Centre and Sheffield Aero Club for hosting the students and helping deliver all of our gliding and flying activities.

We re-launched the Soaring to Success Programme with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in February 2020 and look to continue the activity within the Barnsley area as soon as possible.


Thank you for your support!

If you are an organisation wishing to sponsor, support or host a Soaring to Success project in your area, please get in touch . The Air League needs your support to Change Lives through Aviation.

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