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The Programme

As a national project supported by the Department for Transport and Boeing UK, the programme not only inspires, stimulates, and encourages young individuals to consider a career within aviation and aerospace, but also acts as a catalyst to spark the inspiration and realisation that this is an opportunity and possibility that is accessible.

The Soaring to Success pilot project was launched in summer 2019 and took place in South Yorkshire in association with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. In 2020 Soaring to Success launched in South Essex in association with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council with additional funding from the Department for Transport.

The 2021 scheme will see over 4000 young individuals take part in interactive career workshops or glider taster days throughout the United Kingdom.


Stage one aims to showcase the vast range of opportunities and routes into aviation and aerospace through modules delivered by the Air League and industry partners including British Airways, DHL and Rolls-Royce Plc. Modules include an employability skills, theory of flight and propulsion, followed by a competition to build a model turbo fan engine.

Stage two then progresses on to provide experiences of flight through gliders and powered aircraft, thus bringing to life the different aspects of aviation learned previously.

Stage three allows for a smaller number, who demonstrate a particular aptitude and passion for aviation, around 5 hours of flying lessons which can start them on a pathway to a career as an aviation and aerospace professional.

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