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Taking a break in 2020.
Space Scholarships

The Space Scholarship is a unique opportunity for 17-18 year old students who have completed their GCSEs and are interested in the space industry and astronomy in particular. The scholarship entitles you to a place on the residential Senior Space School hosted by the University of Leicester in July/August.  For further information on the Senior Space School, click here.  The scholarship is designed to introduce and inspire the individual towards a wide range of career opportunities in the space industry. 

Due to COVID-19, the University of Leicester has had to make the difficult decision to pause the Senior Space School in 2020. We hope to return in 2021 with this offering.

This is what Chloe, the 2018 Space Scholarship winner had to say about her experience:

Senior Space School UK at Leicester University was such an amazing experience; I learnt so much and had the fantastic opportunity of working with other people also enthusiastic about the space sector. The mentors at Space School were all so helpful and I have received so much useful advice based on their own university degrees in physics/engineering, which has made me so much more confident about submitting my own university applications next month.

We were given the task of building small rockets with gunpowder engines in teams of 3. The rockets had to have a payload of a ‘mars rover’ which had to eject mid-flight and safely land with a parachute, deploying 3 ‘astronaut’ bouncy balls upon landing. I specifically enjoyed working on the nosecone and balsa wood tailfins and engine mount, as it was so interesting to test different designs. In the final rocket launch, everything we had designed worked smoothly and our rocket won second place!

My favourite part of the entire course was the visit to the National Space Centre; it was such an experience to see a real life piece of moon rock and the to scale Thor Able rocket. The observing night was also amazing as I got to see Saturn and its rings as well as Jupiter and its moons through a telescope, and all the lectures at the university were so fascinating that I can’t wait to go to university! We also went indoor skydiving and it was so interesting to take part knowing that the initial purpose of the first vertical wind tunnel was to test how the re-entry capsules of Apollo rockets would react to terminal velocity conditions, and to make sure astronauts would remain safe within them.

Space School was such an amazing opportunity and I am so lucky to have been able to experience it!

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