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Most importantly, hundreds of young people have taken their first steps into the air, by training towards pilots’ licences or ratings through the generous sponsorship of industry and individuals. Professional and administrative expertise are provided by the League’s own charity – the Air League Trust.

Nor have we lost sight of the needs of the commercial and general aircraft sectors. It was the result of Air League pressure that tax reductions were effected on aviation fuel. We were also at the forefront of the campaign in the early 1980′s to re-equip The Queen’s Flight with modern British jet aircraft.

It was active in helping persuade the Government of the day of the importance of British participation in the highly successful European Airbus project and is now actively promoting the A350 and A380.

In modern times, The Air League has championed many important aerospace causes – notably, the concept of V/STOL from which was developed the world-beating family of Harrier ‘jump jets’

In 2010 we assisted FTOs in the battle with EASA to ensure that new regulations aimed at bringing all JAR training back into the EU do not restrict or damage those organisations which undertake Flight Training worldwide. We have taken an active role in monitoring EASA consultations and working with our aviation partners to ensure that MEPs and MPs are aware of the implications of new regulation and to highlight inaccuracies when highlighted by our corporate partners.

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