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The Air League Statement – Airbus A380

The Air League salutes the Airbus A380 which is an engineering and technological marvel and has been significant to the UK in developing infrastructure in North Wales, skills in Airbus and its extensive UK supply chain. While the A380 has captured the imagination of the travelling public, it is also an inspiration to young people who aspire to be the next generation of pilots, engineers and support staff. It is important to remember that the experience gained through developing and building the A380’s wing, as well as engines and systems in the UK, will benefit Airbus and the UK economy for many years to come.

Image: “Creative commons Airbus A380 at SFO” (https://bit.ly/2SZGabX) by Todd Lappin (https://bit.ly/1tsAcvd) is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (https://bit.ly/1mhaR6e)

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