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The Stelios Disabled Pilots’ Scholarship 2019 winner – James Washington’s journey

Over two months ago, the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, in partnership with the Air League, announced James Washington as the winner of the 2019 Stelios Disabled Pilots’ Flying Scholarship. This scholarship will see James achieve his PPL (Private Pilot License), with the help of Aerobility.

‘I am now approximately 9 hours in to my Stelios Disabled Pilots’ Scholarship, and enjoying every moment! I have settled on learning to fly mainly in a PA-28 and I am getting as many flights in as I can, working around our typical British weather! I have recently been practising climbing and descending exercises with turns mixed in as well. There is so much information to take in and learn with both flying and all the books I need to read, which is quite daunting but I am enjoying the challenge! I can’t believe in such a short space of time how flying has positively impacted my life, and I am so incredibly grateful for this scholarship.’ – James Washington.

More updates to follow on his incredible journey.

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