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It’s easier to make things happen when you’re united behind a common goal.

Our members are passionate about aviation and aerospace, and are therefore committed to supporting initiatives in the sector.

They benefit by engaging in the forum we provide, which allows them to tap into all fields of the business, including key experts and sector leaders. Members’ contributions are also encouraged, and opportunities regularly arise to access senior parliamentary figures with our shared industry views and knowledge.

By offering a platform to acquire a full understanding of the sector, members of the Air League are well positioned to promote the importance of aviation and aerospace to a wider audience.

Specifically, they have a role in the security and prosperity of the UK, and in delivering a highly skilled, technically advanced environment that is able to compete on a global stage.


To ensure our industry maintains a consistently high profile, we rely on the help of groups and individuals outside of our Trust to work in partnership with.


Partnerships include other guilds and societies, as well as the wider business community, and professional bodies that support the aviation, aerospace and security sectors. Using our combined resources and respective networks, we can better extend our on-going projects and ensure these continue to connect with both public and political bodies.

We also welcome and encourage new members to our League from outside the industry. To this effect, we regularly recruit representatives from the business and corporate fields who have affiliations with the work we do offering an opportunity to join the conversation and share interests and ideas.


In order to positively promote the fields of aviation and aerospace in modern Britain, we provide a platform for regular forums where we debate the issues and opportunities that help us progress the cause.

By involving our members, we are able to confirm areas of priority to focus our resources in the most effective way. And by keeping informed, we’re in a strong position to effect change, and to drive necessary reforms that are relevant to the aviation and aerospace industry.

Given the broad spectrum of backgrounds and specialties that form our membership, we are able to tap into a large reserve of knowledge and skills. So when submitting reports and submissions, giving talks and meeting establishment figures, we are providing a well-informed voice for the many people who work in the industry, or who benefit from its work.


Given the scale of projects associated with the aviation and aerospace industry, including national security and defence, it is necessary to communicate, inform and educate at a very high level. The Air League is unique in offering regular forums in Westminster which enable politicians from both Houses to meet key players across aviation and aerospace, and develop their understanding of the important issues of the day.

Around five such briefings are arranged each year, giving parliamentarians, including those at the highest level of Government and those with immediate responsibility for aviation, defence and security, detailed insights into those issues. These events in Westminster are sponsored and supported by a group of more than 100 Parliamentary Members of the Air League, who appreciate and support the work of the Air League, and whom often benefit in subsequent senior government positions from the knowledge and involvement in the sector.

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