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Warriors at Wallop 2019

On Saturday 21st September was Warriors at Wallop 2019, one of our most inspiring events in the calendar, which took place at the Army Flying Museum. The day was made possible by the Air League and Boeing UK (with donations also made from NATS and the Army Flying Museum).

Having taken place four times since 2015, the aim of this memorable event has been to unite the wounded, injured and sick (WIS) community of the armed forces through a day of flying for themselves, family and friends. The flying took place in a range of historic military aircraft and modern aircraft provided by Aerobility Charity, Flying For Freedom, the Army Gliding Association and the Historic Army Aircraft Flight.

Throughout the course of the day, a total of 70 movements were made in flying all attendees. A big thank you to everyone who helped in making this event a success for another year running.

Click this link to see the official BBC South Today coverage of Warriors at Wallop: 

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