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Working Together with Industry

Since our formation in 1909, the Air League has promoted aviation and aerospace across the United Kingdom. Today, over 110 years later, we remain committed to engaging the public, and young people in particular, with the importance of this sector to the UK economy, industry, tourism and leisure as well as being the source of a huge range of career opportunities for people from all backgrounds and talents. 

Working in partnership with, and with the support of, companies across this sector we have delivered schemes and programmes that enhance and improve engagement with aviation, the STEM and skills agendas and provide clear career pathways for young people. We believe, particularly at this time, that this work has never been more crucial.

Projects we’ve run with our friends in industry include:

Soaring to Success
In the pilot scheme for this new national programme, we worked with Rolls-Royce, British Airways and DHL Cargo to deliver workshops and seminars on careers in aviation to school children in Key Stages 4 and 5 in Barnsley

Your Flying Future
This programme, supported by British Airways, saw 200 14-18 year olds gain their first experiences of piloting aircraft as well as being introduced to wider careers in the aviation industry by BA.

Gliding to Solo
Our partnership with Boeing saw young people aged 16 and over attend a residential course that took them from novice glider pilots to flying solo in just two weeks, feeding their enthusiasm for aviation and aerospace with practical flying experience.

For more information on our Corporate Friends scheme, or to find out more about how our projects can help meet your CSR objectives, contact the team on 020 7766 3458.

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