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How the Air League Benefits Industry

It will enable you to positively contribute towards the future shape and scope of the aviation and aerospace sector in the UK.

It will allow you to participate in the debate, to share experiences, air views and also to learn more.

It will give you access to a collaborative exchange forum, allow you to promote your interests and help nurture the UK’s role and presence in the global market of aviation and aerospace.

Through the Air League in Parliament, you and your organisation will engage with those in Government and its related entities who can and will shape opinion and policy.

It will enable you to actively support the development of those skills essential to a dynamic aviation and aerospace industrial sector through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programme for schools across the UK.

The numerous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects initiated by the Air League provide the opportunity for your involvement and would demonstrate the major contribution and commitment being made towards the development of those who have a passion for aviation but require assistance to transform their lives.

You could take advantage of all of this.

Help change young lives through aviation